12. Valdivieso House

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12. Valdivieso House

Located at the confluence of Canton Street and Las Lindas alley. It was built in the first half of the 18th century. It is known as Casa de Valdivielso in the Catastro del Marqués de la Ensenada (1753), showing its shield in a corner.

It presents a sensibly square floor plan, with two heights and gable roof over the main and rear facades. The main façade in ashlar stone faces east. It is structured in three vertical streets separated by pilasters, the entrance door being arranged in the central one, with entrance from the street of the Canton.

On the upper floor there are four stone balconies, with an iron railing and flat doors framed by flat moldings. The wall is finished off with a double cornice to support the roof. The entrecubierta has been enabled opening garrets to meet its current function of Hotel.

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