2.Dominican Convent

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2.Dominican Convent

It was founded by Alonso Gómez de Carro, canon treasurer of the collegiate church of Santillana in 1667 with the permission of Fr. Pedro Álvarez de Montenegro, confessor of King Carlos II.

Since its inception, it had a greater wealth of income and properties than that of "Regina Coeli", and maidens from the main families of the village and large lineages of the region often entered the community.

Its architectural structure is similar to that of the male Dominican convent, in terms of the layout of the volumes, with the church to the north parallel to the road and the cloister with its dependencies to the south of it.

The cloister is simpler than that of Regina Coeli with smaller arcades and simple windows on the upper floor, without any decoration.

A chronicler of the convent, Father Manuel José Medrano tells us that in 1711 a storm destroyed the clock tower and the roof of the choir, crushing some nuns.

Then the destroyed part was rebuilt, replacing the tower with the current bulrush.

An appreciated artistic jewel that keeps the convent is a crucifix of Philippine ivory of great dimensions, of principles of the s. XVIII, which presides over the main altar.

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