4. House of The Villa

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4. House of The Villa

Located at the entrance of the villa on Santo Domingo street. This construction responds to the characteristics of urban architecture of the eighteenth century. Their arms share the barracks of the shield with those of the Cos, Bracho and Bustamante families.

The construction has a plant in the form of square, fruit undoubtedly several reforms. The oldest volume, in the form of a tower, was added to its north wall in the 18th century, a new dwelling with an elongated rectangular floor plan. Hence, the window in a reduced arch of large voussoirs that can be seen to the right of the façade, could be the entrance door to the old house, built in the sixteenth century, and this is attested by two other later windows in the same room.

The cover corresponds to the building of the XVIII, epoch in which the whole facade was remodeled. It has a flat door, between pilasters flanked by oculi. Above them, two iron balconies with a pulpit type stone bracket, with lintelled access doors and, among them, the family coat of arms.

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